Different Types of Dog Collars


Almost every animal lover wishes to have a dog as a pet. It's really a great feeling to have a puppy back home, sharing their joy as you return home from the tiring work of the day. It helps to relieve the weariness, and the affection it brings to make you feel rejuvenated. You can also love it in return and, at regular intervals, shower it with a gift or two. A puppy collar is one of the best gifts you can give to your dog. These can however be used for a wide range of purposes, from making your pet look beautiful to training it. Dog collars can be of different types. These include leather puppy collars, designer puppy collars, rhinestone dog ribbons, and so on.

Standard Collars

 Dog Nylon Collars Standard collars are the ones usually put on a pet. These are meant especially for daily use. Such collars are used when the owner is planning to take out the dog for a walk. These are made of a variety of materials, from leather and metals to nylon. The puppy collars are extremely durable when used for classic purposes. You can get them in a vast amount of color and choose the one that suits your pet. These standard dog collars also include chic rhinestone puppy collars, designer dog ribbons, and others. Most of these are dog leather collars and some are made of nylon, too.

Dog Training Collar

Dog Training Shock Collar
True to its name, the puppy's training collar is used for training the dog. However, as a dog has different types of training patterns, the types of collars vary as well. The chock collar is the most common puppy collar used for obedience training. This must however be employed properly so that the dog will not be harmed. Training collars also include those monitoring the dogs barking.

 Electric Dog Collar

Electric dog collars are usually used to avoid certain attitude in a puppy. Electric puppy collars generally have two electrodes that are positioned in a certain way that it produces a slight electric shock when the dog performs the undesirable action, thus preventing it from repeating the behavior. However, it must be recognized that the best way to mend the act of a dog is to appreciate it and provide positive reinforcement rather than punishment for the good deed. Therefore, it is not always effective to use this collar.

If you have a puppy at home, the various dog ribbons may come in handy. These may help to give it a stylish look, while serving other purposes at the same time.


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